Our services

We attach great importance to safety and confidentiality.

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, we arrange high-class services in organizing accommodation and personal medical care, and provide a personal approach to arranging the education of your children in the most prestigious Swiss private schools.

We do everything possible to make things comfortable for you and your relatives and friends during your time in Switzerland. The following services are just a part of what we can offer to you:


We arrange accommodation in luxury hotels or top-class furnished apartments, depending on your choice, for you and your relatives and friends.


We can arrange flights for you in a luxury private aircraft, or with a commercial airline, according to your preferences.

Your Stay

If necessary, we can arrange the services of an interpreter, guide, and personal driver; we can also plan personally tailored excursions for you to get to know Switzerland.


We can arrange comprehensive insurance for every emergency for you and your family members.

We take responsibility for all organisational issues regarding your arrival and subsequent stay in Switzerland. You can rely on us for immediate help at any time during your stay in Switzerland.

Please contact us, and we will be pleased to arrange your trip to Switzerland in accordance with your wishes and requirements. We always do our outmost to ensure that your stay in Switzerland is memorable and enjoyable for both you and your family.