About company

RUSSO UNIQUE SERVICES GmbH is your trusted partner for providing first-class medical care and organizing your children’s education at the best schools in Switzerland.

We officially represent a number of private clinics in Switzerland labeled Best Swiss Leading Hospitals – a brand synonymous with the absolute best in healthcare quality and service. These hospitals are located throughout the country, and in each of them you will find the best in first-class Swiss medical treatment.

In order to organize your child’s education we cooperate with the most prestigious Swiss private schools. Their excellent reputation ensures the highest standards of quality for teaching, which enable your children to develop their unique talents in the framework of a comprehensive European education. You, in turn, can be confident in the optimal development of your children’s social and professional future.

To make your stay in Switzerland as comfortable and pleasant as possible, we work with a number of outstanding hotels. Their impeccable reputation and legendary hospitality ensure that your stay in Switzerland will be an unforgettable experience.

Our company focuses on the security and privacy of you and your family. To make your stay as comfortable and as safe as possible we always organize individual high-class reception of our clients.

We undertake all organizational issues related to your arrival and stay in Switzerland. We are at your complete disposal to provide any necessary assistance for the whole time of your stay in Switzerland.